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$1K Song Contest

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Beat Pricing

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First Place
$1000 Cash Prize
Song shared on all social platforms
One on one Skype session
Second Place
$100 Cash Prize
3 Unlimited Stems Licesnses
Song shared on all social platforms
Third Place
3 Stems Unlimited Licenses
Song shared on all social platforms
$150 total value

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Judging Criteria

Maxxon Priddy and a select panel of judges will assess the quality of each track submitted based on the following criteria.

Vocal Artist Ability
Recording Quality
Mix Quality

Meet Maxxon Priddy

The host of the $1000 Song Contest. Maxxon Priddy is a music producer and visionary entrepreneur. Obtaining outstanding ratings for the Vocal Ability and Quality of the Song’s Mixing and Mastering elements of the judging criteria from the host will be easy if you are the type of artist obsessed with striving for perfection. Submit a well polished song exhibiting professionalism in both your natural vocal ability as an artist and true excellence from your audio engineer and you will undoubtedly be a favorite of Maxxon Priddy.

And the rest of the judges..
Stevie Rizo
Music Artist

The previous winner of Maxxon Priddy's $1000 Song Contest. Stevie Rizo is a full time musician, a gifted R&B singer with a passion for songwriting. If you can submit a recording that showcases your natural outstanding vocals while, at the same time, demonstrating that you can write a meaningful well structured song, then you will undoubtedly be a favorite of Stevie Rizo.

P. The Politician
ccg radio, ceo

CEO at Behind Bars Entertainment and Executive Program Director at CCG Network Radio. Receiving high marks for the Commercial Appeal element of the judging criteria will be easy for you with with P. The Politician if you are the sort of artist that can capture the essence of your particular genre and create an emotional response within your audience.

Daniel J. Scott
client attract, owner

Owner of Client Attract and personal development enthusiast. Blogger, speaker, & coach. Capitalizing off of the Commercial Appeal element of the judging criteria will be easy for you with Daniel J. Scott if you are a more lyrical artist that can appeal to his affinity for storytelling, expression of self, word play, and artists who take a conscious approach with their music.